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About Amrielle

Hiba J. - Founder of The Amrielle Assembly

It all started when I started begging God to show me a way. I've been praying for months, everyday asking him to help my current situation get better. It was May 2015 and I just quit my job.

At the time, I was living in DC and was very hesitant on how I was going to pay my rent, my bills, my car note, my know. All of that. But, I knew I was going to find a way. I had a supportive family, the best group of friends and a wonderful man all behind me.  So I quit my full-time, I worked my weekend job at the club and lived off my savings for the next 6 months.

Nothing budged, nothing moved. I was still in the same boat. In December, I picked up a waitressing job and figured that at this point I need ANYTHING because I was struggling. My savings nearly wiped out and I was too proud to ask my parents for help. I begged, I cried, I kept asking and fighting with God to show me a way. I didn't understand why I was here. I have a degree, I have talent, I'm hardworking, I have a good heart, why am I stuck? 

Then one night, God answered my prayers in the harshest way possible. He shook the only inner peace that I had left in my heart. I was so distraught and so angry. Asking Him "how could you do this to me when you already know my struggles?" "How could you take this from me when you know it's the only thing that makes me happy right now?" After this day, I stopped praying. I stopped asking Him for things, I thought at the time, He was telling me no to. My faith was on E. 

I had to get away to clear my mind. Get away from the chaos, get away from everything and everyone and most importantly, find something to believe in. So I took a trip to Dubai to spend some time with my family. Walking around the mall with my cousin, we stop at a store that I hate so much. Their jewelry always broke, it rusted so quickly, and it was never to my liking. As we walked in the store, surprisingly, my attention was immediately drawn to two necklaces.

One necklace had a feather pendant and the paper read "just let it go" and the other one had a star constellation that read "Eventually, everything connects." I bought those two necklaces and wore them EVERY SINGLE DAY. Every morning I woke up, it reminded me to let it go and eventually everything connects. Every time I was down, it reminded me to let it go and eventually everything connects. I wore those two necklaces until they rusted from gold to bronze to damn near purple. And until this day, I still wear them.

For me, that was God in gold. That rust was my journey. Something about that bronze reminds me of how far I've came, how much time my healing process took and still taking place. Most importantly, it was my way back to God. 

Every piece in the "Praying For" collection are things I constantly pray for. When I started looking and listening to the things going on around me, I realized that I wasn't the only one feeling this way or going through this. At 25, being stuck and being tested happens. We just need to find that motivation that keeps us going when we get knocked down and I never knew two necklaces in Dubai would have done that for me.

I hope these pieces make a difference in your life as much as my original pieces did for me. I pray The Amrielle Assembly brings you faith and fear in God and reminds you that with Him, you'll never fail. Always remember, EVENTUALLY, EVERYTHING CONNECTS. It might not be on your time, or how you planned it, but God's way is the ultimate way. It will all connect.